Perfect Isolation

by Malson

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The first album from Chris Malson's progressive dance side-project Perfect Isolation! Fans of all sorts of electronic dance music will find themselves at home here, as in most of the songs the genres change dramatically. And it's all free!


released September 24, 2011




Malson Plano, Texas

A musician, and aspiring composer. No more, no less. If anyone would like something written for their project, be it anything from an online Flash game to a blockbuster film, please contact me at Thanks for listening!

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Track Name: The Concept Of Pizza
Do you think I'm amazing?
Do you think that I've been heaven-sent?
When I said I need you
Did you really know what I had meant?
When the time is right for you to see
I'll pull off the mask that's been hiding me
And the eyes you once thought were so bright
Will suck all of the life out of you

If I see you crying
I won't feel any sympathy
I don't care if you're dying
Cuz your life is no loss to me.
Track Name: Oh, He's A Tryhard
Here we go, to the light show, beat show
Everybody knows it's a sweet show
Got a lot of treble in your face
With the wobble on the bass
Let the sound waves be your saving grace
In basic shapes
As they make you feel so alive
Let the rhythm kick your mind into overdrive
And you'll find that we thrive
On the squares and sines
They align like vines that intertwine

Let the melody fall like rain
As the thundering bass courses through your veins
And if you're game to try
Then you're up for a ride
But if you're never gonna get it then you better step aside
Make room for the heroes of the night
With their hands held high
And their spinning lights
And you might see that this is not just a pipe dream
Now everybody drop like the end of a fight scene

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